This is our Working Experience collection.

A group of images that capture work that we have done in the past under the employment of other companies. None the less it is our design and build work and we take great pride in it.



This set of pictures shows the inside and outside of a set of panels built for a dust collection system. 

  • 400A 480V 3Ph Service Disconnect 
  • Auto Startup Sequence and Shutdown Sequencing 
  • 4 Sensors (for dust clogs in the system)
  • Alarming, Safeties Circuits, and Auto/Manual Operators

For a small batching system we created this single panel which interfaced with a RiceLake weighing system. This Panel controls the batching of 2 ingredients into a hopper for the mixing of concrete. 

  • 5 Button Operator Interface Screen
  • Automatic Batching
  • Alarming, Safeties Circuits, and Auto/Manual Operators

This panel two panel system was built for the operation of a grain handling system. From the truck to several bins through a drying system and back to the truck. The motor panel and interface panel complete the system.

  • Fully Automated Startups and Cleanouts
  • Alarming, Safeties Circuits, and Auto/Manual Operators

This system is a collection of panels for a processing system. This is system involved equipment control, batching, and integration. 

  • 480V 3PH
  • Productivity 3000 PLC
  • 8in Ethernet touch screen operator 

This is not our panel This is not our work

We do everything we can to create a system that is cleanly built to ensure quick troubleshooting, and to minimize failures.

We always include documentation, and always label our wires, terminals, and devices.

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