Custom Automation and Control Panels

Designing and building panels, control system upgrades, and automation solutions for OEM's, electricians, and equipment owners


If you need this to do this when that is doing that, we can make it all happen in a professional, clean, and efficient manner.

System Support

We support electrical and mechanical contractors with technical knowledge, controls design, device termination, and startup assistance for your technically challenging projects.


Project Support

Assisting in development of your startup or concept design. Turning your ideas into working concepts, designs, and marketable quality products.




The first time I press the button and the system I have designed and build starts to work, I get a little glimpse of what it means to be a creator made in the image of the Creator. I understand a little bit the joy He feels when His creation works as it was intended." Jordan Ehst


Our knowledge base of implementable technology are:

  • Motion Controls: Servos, Steppers, Kinematics, Robotics
  • Electrical Equipment and Control Systems Service 
  • PLC
  • Industrial, Agricultural, and Commercial Control Panels
  • Motor Controls
  • Motion Controls
  • Soft Starts
  • VFD
  • HMI
  • Sensors of all kinds (temperature, weight, light, speed, motion, etc)
  • Mass Production OEM Control Panels